Unlocking radically improved capabilities by creating and implementing advanced, fit-for-purpose AI solutions empowering the next generation of cognitive solutions.

We develop cutting edge AI technology.

Our agile and passionate team of entrepreneurs, inventors, and engineers unlocks drastically enhanced capabilities by designing and developing end-to-end, fully customized AI-powered software with full transparency into design choices, components, and code.

We transform applications of the most prestigious Defence & Security companies by constructing ethical AI solutions in strict accordance with European values. As a company with an uncompromised focus on client value, our goal is never to replace or outsource but to co-create the next breed of cognitive solutions jointly with our partners.

Detection, Identification

& Tracking

Accurate object recognition and identification is the foundation of many powerful downstream applications. AI enables the realtime analysis of increasingly complex information from single and fused imaging and acustic data streams. Hellsicht develops award-winning AI Perception Solutions, both in the standard regime of rich training data and in the few-shot scenario, where each category is represented by only a few examples.

Signal Intelligence

Signal intelligence (SIGINT) tasks, especially in the radio frequency domain are becoming more and more complex while keeping up with the development of rule-based systems becomes increasingly difficult resulting in overwhelmed electronic warfare officers. AI enabled SIGINT technology can be integrated into a vast variety of different platforms and deliver crucial insights when responding to potential threats.

Geolocalization & Change Detection

We use AI systems to automatically find and select the most reliable reference points depending on context and conditions enabling intelligent aggregation of ground or air-based information with satellite imaging in real-time, lying the foundation to critical applications in the domain of change detection, geo-referencing & geospatial analytics.

Decision Support

Manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) operations combine the strengths of machines and humans to heavily increase situational awareness in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. AI is one of the key factors to reduce the currently high associated pilot and operator workload by enabling autonomous or optionally piloted vehicles (OPVs). This extends the capability for missions that are too dull, dirty, and dangerous for manned vehicles.

Simulated & Synthetic Data

We believe that simulations and artificial intelligence are deeply intertwined technologies and will spawn some of the most powerful applications. Simulation-in-the-loop AI solutions enable heavily-reduced data acquisition costs, high accuracy on rare edge cases and an elegant way to baking valuable domain and expert knowledge into our models right from the start.

Deployment, Robustness

& Verification

No model is perfect. For critical applications, it is critical to know when and how they fail. Including adversarial attacks and failure mode analysis we can give insights into our model's robustness which goes beyond simple training and test split scores. Furthermore, we always develop with the application in mind, our models are optimized for robust edge heavy computing platforms integrating flawlessly with the unique technology stacks of our clients.

We strive to match the demanding needs for artificial intelligence solutions in the domain of Defence, Space & Security. We are pushing the limits of what's possible with cutting edge deep learning software on low-data regimes, complex multi-sensors fusion constellations and robust, embedded computing platforms.

Some data types we are proficient with: