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Germany, 80331 Munich


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Our Team

Niklas Köhler

Co-Founder, CEO

Niklas holds a M. Sc. Degree in Physics from the LMU Munich and has multiple top placements in some of the biggest data science competitions worldwide. At HELLSICHT Niklas is responsible for the companies culture and attracted multiple top tier clients to work with HELLSICHT.

Raffael Köhler


Head of Business Dev.

Raffael is responsible for a number of different tasks - including marketing, sales and strategic planning. Through his vast network Raffael recognised the value AI can add in different use cases and sectors.

Julian Jungwirth

Project Lead

Julian is an artificial intelligence engineer and with HELLSICHT for three years. He holds a M. Sc. in Physics and is one of the only four Germans to ever win a Price at a Data Science Bowl where he competed against 10.000 international data scientists.

Benjamin Wohnhas

Data Scientist

Benjamin is an artificial intelligence engineer and holds a M. Sc. in Physics. Before joining HELLSICHT he was a research engineer at Fraunhofer Society where he developed deep learning algorithms for complex object detection and tracking tasks.

Benno Krojer

Data Scientist

Working as a Data Scientist at Hellsicht, Benno's passion is to connect specialised AI-Implementations back to the big organisational picture to create products which maximise added value and improve things not only incrementally but fundamentally.

More Champions

People at Hellsicht come to work here for the opportunity to work with bleeding-edge AI technology. They stay for the challenge of building something that will alter the landscape for the highest impact sectors across the globe. Our ever-growing team is full of positive and engaging personalities with a deep fascination for technology and innovation.

Where we are headed

Florian Hendrich

Co-Founder, CTO

As the principal Deep Learning engineer of HELLSICHT, Florian is directly involved in the most challenging and ambitious projects. Florian holds multiple top 10 placements in the largest public ML
competitions as well as a M. Sc. degree in Physics.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Theis

Scientific Advisor

Fabian is Director of the Institute of Computational Biology at the Helmholtz Zentrum München where he coordinates the Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit. At HELLSICHT Fabian supports the team with his expertise as well as establishing an important link to latest research.

Thomas Eberhard

Data Scientist

Thomas holds a best-in class B. Sc. and M. Sc. degree in mathematics from the Technical University Munich. With prior experience developing applied AI-Solutions for BMW and Allianz he brings a broad practical experience to the table for HELLSICHT’s clients.

Jean-Marc Wanka

Data Scientist

Jean holds a M. Sc. in Mathematics in Data Science, being an enthusiast with academic and commercial experience in deep learning. He specializes in image Processing and Signal Analytics, working with various data modalities ranging from infrared sensors to microscopy images.

Jan-Philipp Starke

Human Ressources

With his background in IT Law and years of experience in building and leading a non-profit-organzation of 200+ people, Jan-Philipp ensures highly effective team work as well as streamlined processes within the Hellsicht team.

Our culture of openness, curiosity, and continuous innovation is reflected in the software that we develop. We don’t stick to one idea, one technology or one domain but strive to combine the benefits of a commercially developed product—efficiency, reliability, and value—with the benefits of an open system—collaboration, flexibility, and customization.


We are deeply passionate about building an organization that puts employee development and learning at the heart of our strategy. In our high-velocity industry mastering, the process of evaluating, filtering and adopting new ideas is not an option, but a strategic necessity to stay on top.


We strive for excellence in what we do.  Our Team constantly proves through various data science competitions that it belongs to the best in the world.

Data Science Bowl 2017

Prize winner and best German Team in one of the biggest data science competitions of all time. ($1 Mio.  prize pool, 10,000+ competing data scientists)

Can you improve lung cancer detection?

Otto Group Product Classification Challenge

Top 10 placement in a data science competition with over 4000 competing data scientists all around the world

Classification of over 200.000 products

Second Annual Data Science Bowl

Top 10 placement with over 900 competing data scientists.

Transforming how we diagnose heart disease

Top 5% placement with over 1.900 competing data scientists

Predict whether a mobile ad will be clicked

Avazu Click-Through Rate Prediction